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Leopard and Silkie on Shores Everywhere!

April 26, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Introducing Leopard and Silkie: West Seattle's most famous seals

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And now for something purely delightful: the children's book, Leopard & Silkie, just out fromBrenda Peterson with photographs by Robin Lindsey (Henry Holt, 2012) about the Seal Sittersquest to protect the eponymous baby seals right here in West Seattle.
Leopard and Silkie, just out from local author Brenda Peterson and photographer Robin Lindsey is a delightful and educational read for kids
The book is fabulously illustrated with Lindsey's one of a kind photographs of baby seals Leopard and Silkie basking, yawning, snoozing, hanging out with their mom, and basically being cuter than you might think possible:
The local seal pups of the Salish Sea and the Seal Sitters' work to protect them is the subject of a new children's book

Kid Miles provides a role model for the adults on the beach, keeping curious humans and their pets away away from baby seals on the beach, as a Seal Sitter volunteer.

leopard and silkie-pug-spread.jpg
Curious humans, from a baby seal's point of view.

It's a delight of a book that also delivers plenty of information about the seals and their lives in the Salish Sea in a very readable, kid-friendly page turner.
Baby seals hang out with their moms. 
All photos by Robin Lindsey, from the book Leopard and Silkie, Henry Holt for Young Readers: A Christy Ottaviano Book

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