Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the Swim at the Mermaid Convention in Orlando, Florida

Thanks to all of my generous backers and welcome to all of you who are about to dive into The Drowning World as Kickstarter publishing partners. Ever wonder how a novelist researches and creates an alternate universe? First, we often build upon what's real. 
Last week I joined my brother's family and met up with my NYC literary agent to attend the second annual Mermaid Convention, MerPalooza in Orlando, Florida. Mermaids galore paraded with their Dragonsilk silicone tails. 
For the Huffington Post, I interviewed a young and very elegant professional mermaid, Spindrift (a.k.a. Mermaid Enaikai). She is getting her Master's in Design in upstate New York and very savvy about MerWorld. She not only swims in her powerful tail flukes, she also teaches ocean conservation to kids. Stay tuned for more mermaid photos and back story on The Drowning World in my next update. And thanks again for joining my publishing Pod. We're well on our watery way!
  • Image-148559-fullMermaid award ceremony, Merpalooza, Orlando, Florida
  • Image-148562-fullMermaid Enaikai with her lovely tail flukes
  • Image-148563-fullBrenda interviews a professional mermaid

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