Saturday, June 11, 2011


Uko Gorter, natural history illustrator extraordinaire at

View of Seattle skyline from West Seattle beach

And here's video of  the gray whale, like those I wrote about in my National Geographic
 Sightings with co-author Linda Hogan.

Graduating class of 2011 take their biology and bright chalk art to the walkway outside West Seattle High School

I awoke this morning to the Salish Sea alarm clock of sea lions barking in my back yard. A good sign for writing my new water world novel. And then on my daily walk, we discovered this cetacean gallery as the West Seattle 2011 class celebrates their graduation.

This is one of the reasons I so love living in Seattle for the past 30 years. We live by water and share the shores with our marine mammal cousins -- from orcas to sea lions to harbor seals. They are not just "out there" but part of the neighborhood!

I hope you enjoy these video and photo highlights as much as I do. And congratulations to all the graduating classes of 2011. You give me much hope for the future.

Harbor porpoise

Sea Lion

After the discovery of this chalk walk of cetaceans, a friend and I decided to have a relaxed Saturday afternoon in sunny Seattle and go down to the water to take in a sailboat regatta. Here's the Seattle skyline on this beach walk. We've been unseasonably cold this spring, but compared all other parts of this country, we've the lucky ones. No heat wave here. Just happiness in our home waters.

For those of you intrigued by this high school cetacean gallery, please visit my friend, Uko Gorter's, fabulous professional natural history illustrations. He has a new poster-sized gallery of his beautiful cetacean illustrations on his website at:

Now for a much needed afternoon nap, listening to the raucous serenade of sea lions!

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