Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Living Earth and the Living Dead: The Ecology of Vampires

from "The Vampire Diaries" on CW channel. Stefan as a vampire who wants only to be human.

Dear Readers,

Here is my latest Huffington Post commentary. It's somewhat out-of-the-box -- or should I say coffin? This post managed to make the front page of the Huffington Post's TWILIGHT FEVER page, as well as the ENVIRONMENT section and Green pages. Strange bedfellows? Perhaps not, when  you consider that many young people identify with vampires. Why? Is it really the end of us, as my young student suggests?

I've had many comments from readers and friends on this particular post. One I'd like to add is that the vampire craze is not so much about "eternal youth" as it is as "eternal love." What do you think? Why are we so bloody obsessed?


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